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Megaliths at Plumelec

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The « Roche de Milgourdy » dolmen

Dolmen Roche Milgourdy Plumelec


La Roche de Milgourdy is a 35 meters diameter cairn which houses two corridors’ dolmen : it is located with a private owner who allows the access.

GPS location : N478157082 W2.6398838

The rocky cluster of Prédalan

Mégalithe prédalan plumelec


In Prédalan, no menhir or dolmen, but naturals rocky clusters. They are at the end of a forest path in Cadoudal woods, south of Plumelec. It is sometimes said that this place is a former site of menhir extractions.
It is a lovely place for family walks ! Discover the walking trail of La Grée, 12 kms at the heart of the Landes of Lanvaux and the Claie valley.

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