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Landes de Lanvaux, inside Brittany landscapes

Wild and discreet, the Breton moors fascinate and intrigue at the same time. They are sources of tales and legends still present in Brittany ! As it is told that they are Korrigans' playground, these mischievous little goblins who only go out at nightfall to dance in the heather.


A variety of landscapesLandes de Lanvaux2©E. Berthier

The Landes of Lanvaux constitute a set of different landscapes, formed by alternating ridges and furrows.

They cover eight units of very various landscapes and in particular in the Morbihan Center: the Plateau of Plumelec and the Sillon of the Tarun and the Claie.

Even if ajoncs, heather or broom are still present, the moors of Lanvaux are today the most wooded part of the department of Morbihan !

This biodiversity (broad leaves, conifers, orchards, streams and small rivers) contributes to the environmental richness of these authentic landscapes in the heart of Brittany.



View over the landes de Lanvaux from the Carado hiking trail in Saint-Jean-Brévelay.

Landes de Lanvaux Morbihan Saint-Jean-Brévelay ©E.Berthier


A megaliths landmenhir kermarquer moustoir-ac ©A. Lamoureux

The landes de Lanvaux are home to hundreds of menhirs, dolmens and covered alleys, some of which were discovered very recently by archaeologists! As you follow the paths, you will come across these giant stones and their thousand-year history.

At Moustoir-Ac, Kermarquer's standing stone is the highest still vertical in Morbihan. Its 6,72 meters make it impressive and attest to the ingenuity of the Neolithic men to move these tons of granite !

The dolmens of Kergonfalz at Bignan are separated by a road and both are listed Historic Monument.

The covered alley of Roh Coh Coët at Saint-Jean-Brévelay is set in a green setting and overlooks a pretty valley.



Moors in sports modeSaint Jean brevelay landes de lanvaux Randonnee pedestre ©E Berthier

 The Landes de Lanvaux are the perfect ground for mountain bike trails. They can also be crossed thanks to the GR 38 (long distance footpath) which crosses its landscapes and provides to fill up with inner Brittany !

For horseback riding lovers, the route of the Equibreizh crosses also these gorse and heather lands...






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