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Megaliths at Bignan

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Kergonfalz dolmen

Mégalithe Kergonfalz Bignan


Located in the locality of St Just, the Kergonfalz dolmen is listed Historic Monument. Also called « Chouan’s hole », it sheltered human bones, funeral urns, flint, diorite axes or potteries. These objects are kept at the Morbihan museum of archeology in Vannes. The Chouans’ hole is a dolmen with a corridor in its tumulus of 30m diameter.

GPS location : N47.87796 W2.79436

The covered alley of Lescadec

Mégalithe allée couverte Bignan


This covered walkway located at a place called Lescadec near St Just dates from the Neolithic. Listed Historic Monument, this 9.5 meters long granite driveway is open to the south, and still has three cover slabs and twelve pillars.

GPS location : N47.87774 W2.79353

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