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Official site of the Tourist Office of Centre Morbihan

Familly outings

Are you looking for family outings in Morbihan? This page gives you many ideas for visits, walks and leisure activities to practice with your children or grandchildren. Museum visits, amusement parks, water sports, archaeological site ...

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Kingoland at Plumelin

Le Carton Voyageur at Baud


Kerguehennec Estate at Bignan

The One Thousand Year Village at Melrand

Baud nautical club

Nautical base at Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux


Evellys Leisure center - Naizin

Kartcenter at Pluméliau

Locminé Aqua'lud©F Basl web

Aqualud, aquatic center at Locminé

Piscine de Plumelec

Madeleine aquatic space at Plumelec

Boutique de l'écluse, Boats and bikes rental

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