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Megaliths at Moustoir-Ac

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Kermarquer menhir

Mégalithe menhir de Kermarquer

The Kermarquer menhir shows marks of ancient engravings dated from the Neolithic. With 6.72 meters high it is the highest of the Morbihan ! Listed Historic Monument, you can easily reach it by the road. Take a closer look at it once you see it and you will find 7 crosses on the granite’s surface. The Men-bras-de-Kermarquer is also linked to it. It is a small 1.80 meters high menhir, currently in a stream below.

Photo © M.Poughon

GPS location : N47.82479 W2.85879.

Kerara menhir

Mégalithe menhir de Kerara



It is a 3.85 meters high menhir, where other stones lie behind it, some pierced with ornamental lakes. It is also listed historic monument and easily reachable by the road.

GPS location : N47.82281 W2.85661

Kermorvant dolmen

Mégalithe dolmen de kermorvant


It lies on four supports and might have been a « corridor » dolmen. It is a collective burial. Listed historic monument, visible from the road, it is easily reachable as well.

GPS location : N47.84874 W2.85878

The Porado mammoth stones

Mégalithe pierres du Porado



Another nice wooded place where lies mammoth stones.
Will you find and succeed in moving the « wobbly stone » ?

GPS location : N47.8351 W2.8396

The Mené stones

Mégalithe la lande du Mené Mégalithe pierre du Mené M-Ac

No one can say if these pond stones, many in Moustoir-Ac, are sacrificial ritual stones or simple crucible due to erosion. While going down in the woods, one reaches a pretty path and to the mammoth stones of the moor of Mené. Dating from the primary era about 350 million years ago, these lands are among the oldest in France.


Photos © Fr.Lepennetier


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