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The Manor of la Porte Camus in Billio

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Manoir Porte camus à Billio carte postale ancienne

Lordship and manor in Billio, Vannes’ bishopric. The Gâtechair, Guervazic and Lantivy owned it successively by the marriage of Julien-Hilarion-Jérôme, Earl of Lantivy, Lord of Rest, with Anne-Pélagie-Charlotte de Guervazic. The Bourdonnaye family has owned the present castle since 1899  by inheritance of the Lantivy. The Lords of Door-Camus had their tombs in Billio’s church choir (Théodore Courtaux, 1899).


The manor is private and can’t be visited.

However the owners allow to visit the garden during summer.


Photos © Fr. Lepennetier

Manoir de la Porte Camus à Billio Jardin de la Porte camus

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