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The Équibreizh from Saint-Barthélémy to Guéhenno

120 km
DépartChapel Saint-Adrien in Saint-Barthélémy - 56150 SAINT-BARTHELEMY
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The Equibreizh divides two diagonals, from east to west, from Paimpont to the Black Mountains; and from north to south, from Saint-Brieuc to Josselin. To these diagonals are attached departmental and local loops. Our territory is crossed by the Josselin/Quistinic departmental route at the level of Saint-Barthélémy and Guéhenno for 120 kilometers.

The route is marked with orange plastic tags files/jlc1/images/equibreizh.png. In general, they are to the right of the road, on trees 1.80m from the ground or on wooden poles.

Straight away Turn right Turn left  
files/jlc1/images/balise.gif files/jlc1/images/balise-droite.gif files/jlc1/images/balise-gauche.gif

Local loops are connected to the Equibreizh.

In Baud, the circuit of the Landes de Kerbraz - at the locality Bourron.


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Localisation du point de départ Chapel Saint-Adrien in Saint-Barthélémy - 56150 SAINT-BARTHELEMY

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