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Hiking trail of "La lande Justice"

12 km
DépartReception hall car park - 56420 SAINT-ALLOUESTRE
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  • The church is dedicated to Saint Arnould : rebuilt in the 19th century, it houses an altarpiece from the 17th century as well as a statue of Saint Michael in gilded polychrome wood. Just next to the church, there is a listed cross from the old cemetery and the fountain dedicated to Saint Arnould. Opposite the pretty starting water, a beautiful arboretum is worth the detour.
  • The Justice moors : in this place was the stone of justice on which the condemned were executed, a stone which was buried during the construction of the RN 24. The route is pleasant, in undergrowth and forest paths, with significant gradients. The route runs alongside numerous streams, near which there used to be water supply areas. Pretty little wooden bridges make it easy to cross them.
  •  The mill of Keriolas : beautifully preserved sunken paths lead to the site of the mill of Keriolas. The route takes the visitor back to Saint-Allouestre, and the curious will not fail to discover the dolmen of Gunestre at the end of the route on the right.


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Localisation du point de départ Reception hall car park - 56420 SAINT-ALLOUESTRE

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