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Hiking trail of "Goyerdon"

Départ200m from the locality Kervolanec - 56500 LA-CHAPELLE-NEUVE
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  •  Small walk by its size, but big by its beauty ! Indeed the circuit passes in the forest of floranges where we can admire many majestic trees. As for the Goyerdon, it is a magnificent stream with clear water where trout and salmon live. Let's go to meet the Korrigans who often hide in the small granite chaos along the path.
  • Step by step
  • 1) From the car park, take on your left to go down the path to arrive near the Goyerdon stream, follow the stream against the current, always straight ahead, for more than 800m.
  • 2) Turn right over a small bridge and continue slightly uphill along a beautiful sunken path and continue straight ahead until you reach the road.
  • 3) Take the road 200m on your right and turn right again by a small path going slightly downhill. At the bottom of the small path turn right to find the car park and your starting point.

Localisation du point de départ 200m from the locality Kervolanec - 56500 LA-CHAPELLE-NEUVE

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