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Discover the Morbihan Center

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Perfectly located at the heart of the Morbihan, the new territory of Centre Morbihan Communauté invites you to the discovery of a modern and true Brittany. It is only a few steps from the major touristic places like the Nantes to Brest canal, the Brocéliande forest or the Morbihan Gulf.

From the Blavet valley to the Landes de Lanvaux, away from the rush, you may introduce yourslef to the contemporary art at Kerguéhennec Estate or during summer thanks to « L’Art dans les Chapelles ».

Guéhenno Chapelle Saint Michel©E.Berthier

You may discover jewels of Breton architecture… hidden at the heart of a rock, like St Gildas chapel in Bieuzy, or proudly standing in the middle of the village like Guéhenno’s monumental calvary.

Go back in time and learn about the story of the heart of Morbihan

Moustoir-Ac Menhir de Kermarquer©E.Berthier

The human being has very early printed its mark on ancient rocks and megaliths are present everywhere. Wether they are natural, as the mamooth stones or erected by the Neolithic men, they remain majestic and impressive. Here is hidden the highest menhir in Morbihan.

Closer to us, the « Village de l’an Mil » in Melrand, is a testimony of the Middle Ages farmers’ life through archeological reconstitutions.

In Baud the « Carton Voyageur », a postcard museum, reveals a Brittany on a « both sides way » through a contemporary and interactive museology.

Walk on the hiking trails

Nothing better than a walking trail to discover the Centre Morbihan heritage as crosses and chapels, manors and castles, fountains and mills, parks and gardens… On foot, on horseback or by bike, many circuits are waiting for you.

And if olds and youngs agree to have fun, Kingoland and La Balade du Père Nicolas open in April.

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