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Saint-Gildas chapel at Bieuzy

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The amazing chapel under its granite rock


Take the time to rest on the rocks and listen to the calm and strength of this unique site in this green setting by the water. One thing is certain: you will remember your visit to Saint-Gildas for a long time!

A bit of history

St Gildas Chapel (16th century) is nested under a huge granite rock alongside the Blavet. This river flows across Côtes d'Armor and Morbihan.  It is said that St Gildas and St Bieuzy, his disciple, settled in this natural cave in the 6th century. This place then became the heart of the Priory of La Roche sur Blavet as transformed in an oratory,. The inside kept the simplicity of a monastic cell. One can see the resonant rock used by St Gildas to call his believers. Another resonant rock stands at Notre Dame du Bon Voyage church (16th century).


Join the place of Saint-Gildas chapelChapelle Saint Gildas Blavet Bieuzy

  • This exceptionnal place can be discovered on foot  thanks to a hiking tour from Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux.
  • If you wish to come by car, parking is available. It is located 200 meters from the chapel.
  • If you cross the Greenway 8 bike-road, you will see the chapel on the other bank!


Saint-Gildas Chapel

Le Prioldy - Bieuzy


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